Mayreau Island, Grenadines

Tobago Cays Info

The Tobago Cays makes up an archipelago of five tiny islands composed of Petit Bateau, Petit Rameau, Baradal, Jamesby and Petit Tabac. They are all located in the southern part of the Grenadines. The Tobago Cays are considered as the main feature of the Tobago Cays Marine Park, which is made up of a sand-bottomed lagoon and includes four unoccupied cays and the Horseshoe Reef. Three larger inhabited islands surround the cays namely the Mayreau, Canouan and Union Island.

Now this group of deserted islands that form Tobago Cays are absolutely heavenly. They are natural lagoons filled with coral reefs, green turtles, and exotic fishes all submerged in clear blue waters.

It is also an idyllic place to go yachting, a dream come true for scuba divers, and a real treat for beach lovers. It even served as the film location for the popular Johnny Depp franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean. The Tobago Cays as well as the Tobago Cays Marine Park is considered to be one of the most beautiful island getaways in the world.

Tobago Cays is an absolute paradise for water sport enthusiasts and nature chasers. It looks straight out of a postcard or a dream but for those who have been there know that it is as real as can be.

One of the biggest attractions here is the population of green turtles that inhabit them. Whether you are just taking a dip, going for a snorkel or simply sitting on a boat, lazily taking in the scenery, you can almost always spot the famous green turtles of Tobago Cays.

To see them in their finest, you can go to the turtle watching reserve, which is just off the shores of Baradal. From there, you can see them coming up to the surface for air and if you wish, you can join them under the waves and go for a swim in the clear blue waters.


Explore each of the beaches on any of the five cays. Each one is made up of pristine white sand and crystal clear waters, the perfect place to soak up some sun, enjoy a picnic or have a swim. There may be little shade on some of the beaches so make sure to always bring sun protection with you.

Tobago Cays Snorkeling

Snorkeling is one of the more popular leisure activities in the region. It’s a great way to get yourself acquainted with the marine life without having to go too deep. There is a protected area specially for snorkeling, which makes for a fun, easy and interesting Tobago Cays snorkeling sessions. You can also check out the waters near Baradal to maybe check out green turtles up close!

Diving in Tobago Cays

Scuba diving in the world-famous Tobago Cays Marine Park is one of the best underwater experiences that you could have.

You can choose from easier, shallower dives within Horseshoe reef or progress to the more dramatic depths of diving sites off it. The Tobago Cays are known for showcasing the most beautiful assortment of corals, whips and fans. Green turtles also come up regularly in these spots, increasing your chances of seeing them eye-to-eye! Sightings of more exotic marine life such as eagle rays and nurse sharks are also quite common in here.

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