Mayreau Island, Grenadines

Leisure Caribbean Activities

We offer many leisure things to do in the Caribbean while your stay in the Caribbean Island Paradise – Hayes Luxury Villas. Caribbean watersports like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Private Boat Services and Yachting. Also Professional Massage Therapy, Maid Cleaning, Private Cooks, Domestic Workers (butlers), Jacuzzis, Plunge Pools, Spas and Wedding Ceremonies are a few other luxury Caribbean activities and services offered in our vacation villas.

Few adventure and fun things to do in the Caribbean on the islands next to us (15 minutes):

Golf, Private Island Navigators, Eco-tourism, Horseback Riding Wildlife Sight Seeing, Luxurious Restaurants, Mountain Climbing, Jungle Tours and so much more!

Whether you’re staying for a weekend or a few months on the beautiful and remote Mayreau Island, you can pack your schedule with any of the many leisure things to do that we have in store for you. Fun Caribbean activities await guests and property owners, all designed to give you a unique taste of the region.

Have you always wanted to explore the great blue sea? You can take scuba diving classes our scuba masters and turn that dream into a reality. See the beautiful and exotic coral reefs up close and personal as you glide through the crystal clear waters of the island.

Want to see marine life but diving may be too much for you? Try out snorkeling for a start and see the stunning world underwater without having to go down too deep. Snorkeling is one of the fantastic things to do in the Caribbean waters. You not only get to acquaint with the colorful world of fishes and reefs but also soaking up the sun and getting a good swim out of it, too.

The Caribbean Island Paradise also offers few luxurious Caribbean activities like private boat services between the islands. You can be jetted from one island to another aboard your own sea vehicle, it means you can go island hopping, visit pristine and beautiful islands nearby. Be amazed at the many captivating beaches with their own unique personalities and soak up as much natural beauty as you can. With your own private boat service, you can stay for as long or as little as you want on a beach before packing up and moving to the next one. It’s the perfect trip for the more adventurous souls.

Feel like taking a more lavish spin around the sea? How about boarding a yacht and taking in the sun, wind and sea with your fellow mates? Are there any better things to do in the Caribbean waters? Go sailing around the beautiful and captivating waters and beaches of the Caribbean with a drink in hand your love one by your side. There’s no better way to be mesmerized by the wonder of nature than by a slow, leisurely sail in the deep blue sea.

If you’re not the adventurous type and just prefer relaxing Caribbean activities indoors or outdoors, we still got something for you. Relish the deep relaxation and pleasure brought about by a soothing massage done by a professional massage therapist. Let her knead away your stress knots and melt away your worries. You may be surprised that a soothing massage right on the beach or in the privacy of your room may even turn out to be one of the highlights of your trip to the Caribbean Island Paradise, Mayreau.

You can also opt to spend a few hours in your own private Jacuzzi. Let the hot water invigorate and rejuvenate your tired body as you take a post-beach dip. We also offer maid and butler services so you can have your drinks or your food taken directly to you as you relax in the hot and bubbly water.

The Caribbean Paradise Island & Hayes Luxury Villas are open to weddings and other private functions. Enjoy all the luxurious and adventurous things to do in the Caribbean and make beautiful memories against one of the most beautiful and romantic getaways on earth.

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