Mayreau Island, Grenadines

Luxury Caribbean Villas for Sale/Rent

Introducing exclusive Caribbean vacation homes and luxury Caribbean villas for sale/rent. There is a never before opportunity for the Caribbean lovers to own private Caribbean vacation villas open for sale/rent on these beautiful islands. For a very long time, tourists had been able to enjoy the Grenadine vacations but not been able to buy any property on the islands. Only royalty, rockstars and very wealthy business tycoons were able to purchase property here.

But now, times are changing. Now there are luxury Caribbean villas for sale/rent available on Mayreau Island—the most pristine of all the inhabited islands on Grenadine. If you would take time to look up the opportunities of owning or renting property in this beautiful paradise, you would be surprised.

The Caribbean Island Paradise is one of those establishments. We are building a collection of stunning luxurious villas and Caribbean vacation homes called the Hayes Luxury Villas and you now have the opportunity to have a stake in this beautiful, remote island getaway.

There will be many models of the Caribbean villa resorts available to the interested buyers. They could choose from a one-bedroom, a two-bedroom or something else that fits their unique style and preferences. Among the amenities that they can choose from include: an exotic garden, courtyard, private pools, terrace and Jacuzzis.

These Caribbean vacation villas will be built with the goal of fusing modern comforts with the beauty of island living. Expect lots of natural light to be shining in, large windows to give you an unparalleled view of the beaches outside and lots of other details that will take your breath away.

Ruminate this opportunity of Caribbean villas for sale/rent and turn your Mayreau Island villa into your home away from home. It is a remote escape, accessible only by boat and with simple roads connecting it to neighboring beaches. It is virtually untouched by consumerism and heavy tourism, making it a most idyllic setting to disconnect from the daily city grind. On Mayreau Island, in your own private luxury Caribbean villa, you can enjoy the gifts of nature and get the peace and quiet, which your soul needs.

There are plenty of activities that await the guests and property owners of the villas. Aside from the usual water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming, there are also private boat guides who can take you to neighboring islands with impeccable sands and beaches. You can choose to go sailing to just relax enjoy the sun, sea and wind. If you go for Caribbean villas for sale or for rent then every day is an adventure as you choose from the myriad of ways that you can go exploring.

For the less adventurous, there is still a wealth of things for you to do courtesy of the Hayes Luxury Caribbean Villas. Fancy a rejuvenating massage or an afternoon spent at the spa? These amenities will be available to those looking for a quiet time indulging in rest and relaxation. You have the option to hire a private chef who will whip up fresh island delicacies for you and have these scrumptious meals delivered to your room, if you wish.

You may also have the option of having your own private maid or butler, who can attend to your every need, whether it is to help clean up your room or your villa or simply to assist you in your daily tasks and chores.

Simply fill up an online application form if you are interested in purchasing or renting one of Hayes’s Luxury Caribbean Villas.

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