Mayreau Island, Grenadines

How to Get to Mayreau Island, Grenadines

How to get to Mayreau Island is a frequently asked question by the travelers. Since the island of Mayreau has no air landing strip, the only way you can access it is by sea. The nearest landing place for airplanes would be on Union Island. That means that you need to take a ferry service or a water taxi if you wish to make it to this secret paradise.

A ferryboat service operates multiple trips each week from St. Vincent. Expected journey time is only 15 minutes away. You have the option to buy one-way or round-trip tickets on board the boat. If you are not sure how long you are staying on the island, it is best to get a one-way ticket first.

For local delicacies, you may want to explore the island a bit and try eating at one of the restaurants or bars. These eateries feature delicious home-cooked meals, some refreshments and beautiful, warm smiles from the people.

Mayreau is a beautiful island in the Grenadines and it is easy to get to Mayreau from the neighboring islands. This island is about 1.5 square miles (3.9 sq. kilometers) in total and is considered as a dream escape for many nature lovers. Since there is no actual way to reach it except a boat (whether private or a ferry), you can expect it to be less populated and inhabited as compared to other Caribbean getaways.

Expect your boat to drop in on the island’s well-known anchorage, Salt Whistle Bay.

Once you know how to get to Mayreau Island and you are here, you can choose to head on over to the more serene Saline Bay Beach, which houses the ferry dock. Here you can have a fresh, home-cooked meal and maybe some drinks at one of the more popular restaurants, Dennis’ Hideaway.

By the way, the island is pronounced as “my-row”, in case you need to ask. And on another note, the quaint village in the island is sometimes referred to as “Old Wall Village” or “Station Hill” but according to reliable sources, it really has no name.

So, if you are looking for a great escape from the toil of the city, there are few places as magical as Mayreau, the only thing you should know is how to get to Mayreau. It is teeming with natural beauty, from the perfect temperature, to the friendly people and the breathtaking beaches and views.

Soak up some sun and take a stroll into the pristine white sand beaches and when it gets too hot, the waters are crystal clear, blue and inviting. Get into some leisure Caribbean activities such as snorkeling or scuba diving in some of the most beautiful underwater spots in the world. When hunger strikes, get ready for freshly caught, delicious seafood.

Mayreau is a place that you will never forget. If all this sounds exciting to you, maybe it is time to consider renting or owning a Caribbean vacation villa in this little piece of paradise. Escape to a place where the sound of the sea wakes you up in the morning and fine white sand greets your toes whenever you want.

Make your dream a reality and invest in something beautiful for your soul and peace of mind. The Caribbean Island Paradise/Hayes Luxury Villas can give you a taste of modern living in one of the most untouched islands in the Caribbean.

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