Mayreau Island, Grenadines

Mayreau Island Foundation, Caribbean

Caribbean Island Paradise understands the power of giving back to a community. That is precisely the reason why the Mayreau Island Foundation was created. The people behind Hayes Luxury Caribbean Villas are not focused on business building alone. They want to reach out and help the island of Mayreau along with its people through various initiatives and projects. That is why for every sale or revenue earned by the villas, a percentage of this will be used to beautify the island. After all, that is what the foundation is all about, helping the people of Mayreau Island while striving to keep its beauty intact.

There are many activities planned out by the Mayreau Island Foundation to help this purpose such as tree-planting in strategic areas in and around villages, garbage clean up initiatives, cultivating gardens to grow vegetables and fruits, self-sustaining programs, scholarship sponsorship programs, training workshops to develop skills of the locals and many more.

If you opt to stay in a Caribbean vacation villa, whether to rent or to own, you will be doing your part to help out the community of Mayreau. Imagine improving the standard of living of a community of people while enjoying you on one of the most idyllic settings in the Caribbean. If you wish to extend more help to the island and its people, you are welcome to do so as there are more opportunities available for you.

You can actually volunteer to visit the community’s school or help pay for a child’s schooling through our sponsorship program. The Mayreau Island foundation is dedicated to creating an environment where learning is two-way, where children not only learn from their educators but vice-versa as well. Only in a purely creative and innovative learning environment where guests are welcome to share what they know in a relatively remote island could real growth and opportunities abound.

The experience of helping out children is both a privilege and a delight for the opportunity to be a part of child’s education or learning is irreplaceable and valuable.

Our team of Hayes Luxury Caribbean Villas is dedicated to help beautify the island and to give back to its people. If you wish to donate a sum, be assured that every cent of your donation will go to worthy projects that will have a lasting impact on the community or the island.

The initiatives are simple yet all have one goal in mind, to develop a self-sustaining people who are able to improve, innovate and create, while nourishing the gifts that nature has bestowed on them.

Do understand that the Mayreau Island foundation is all about creating a lasting impact on present lives and future generations. The results are measurable and can be seen, and will be felt not only by the community but also by those who choose to help out this worthy endeavor. It is not only an opportunity to change other people’s lives but yours as well. For there are few things on earth more fulfilling than extending help or imparting some of your knowledge to our brothers and sisters on this Caribbean island of Mayreau.

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